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Dental Spouse Support


Grace & Nick

Grace Rizza

Grace is the proud owner of Identity Dental Marketing where she has made it her personal mission to improve the business of each dental practice she works with by a measurable amount.

Grace started her own business nearly a decade ago based on her passion to provide patients with a superior marketing and consulting experience. As time went on, her husband eventually joined the business. She then began to learn the many benefits and challenges associated with working with your spouse. The dental profession can be taxing and it helps having a spouse that understands the demands of being a business owner. After working with hundreds of dentists who also worked with their spouses, she realized something was missing; the huge opportunity to support one another.

This is how the Dental Spouse Network was born. Grace’s goal is to provide support and strategies in dentists’ personal and professional lives. Grace has learned how to work closely with her husband and she wants everyone to have the same experience. Her dream is to provide an overall harmonious life to dentists.





Kim & Ken

Kim Cavallari

Kim has spent over 25 years as a dental practice administrator and 23 years as a dental spouse. She has over a quarter century of on the job training and is a member of several dental organizations. However, through all of her accomplishments, her most prized awards are her husband, their family and the successful periodontal practice that they have built together.

Her philosophy for navigating the role of the dental spouse is all in balancing professional and personal lives. The success of their practice is dependent on the success of their marriage, and the same is true in reverse. If one fails, the other starts to suffer. Understanding the level of dedication needed to be successful in dentistry can be difficult and Kim wanted to create a resource for support and advice.

The dental spouse is a vital part of the dental practice and an important part of its success.  She has experienced all the trials and triumphs of being a dental spouse.  Kim’s goal is to empower her fellow spouses to embrace their role and recognize their contributions.